During July 2015 in Turkmenistan an informational campaign promoting healthy lifestyle among adolescents and young people was held in the summer camps by 14 Y-PEER volunteers. In particular  volunteers taught the youth how to express and argue their opinions and shared goals and objectives of the “Youth Voice” Campaign, to continue the ideas of the campaign their regions and cities and ensure that the youth voices are taken not only as global agenda, but also included into national and local development plans. Result of this campaign in the summer camps: 3390 young people joined the Campaign.

At the final development stage we have Brochure with the key “Youth Voice” messages addressed to decision-makers. To the brochure we put quotes and selfies of young people from cities and from all remote regions of the country, collected during the first phase of the campaign. Opinions were collected through debates, interviews and focus groups. Selfies of young people contained messages related to education, health, protection, employment, youth participation, peace and stability.  Meanwhile, the press briefing with the journalists took place at the end of July. Among the main topics discussed: the goals and objectives of the ‘Youth Voice’ Campaign, and the importance of youth participation in political and socio-economic life of the country. The brochure with the messages will be given to journalists. After the press briefing, one of the most important events,  during the Campaign, the Round Table in the Parliament of Turkmenistan brought together Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Health Protection and Education, the Deputy Chairman of the Parliament and deputies, the heads of non–governmental organizations to discuss the importance of investing in young people and their inclusion into country processes.