"Youth Voice" Regional Campaign


“Youth Voice” Campaign updates from Turkmenistan

During July 2015 in Turkmenistan an informational campaign promoting healthy lifestyle among adolescents and young people was held in the summer camps by 14 Y-PEER volunteers. In particular  volunteers taught the youth how to express and argue their opinions and shared goals and objectives of the “Youth Voice” Campaign, to continue the ideas of the campaign their regions and cities and ensure that the youth voices are taken not only as global agenda, but also included into national and local development plans. Result of this campaign in the summer camps: 3390 young people joined the Campaign.

“Youth Voice” National Advocacy Campaigns – Summary

The “Youth Voice” Regional Campaign was launched in October 2014 and gathered 80 organizations from 23 countries from the region of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Resources from Turkmenistan

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