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By writing an article you can choose such type of form as prime essay where you can describe various youth priorities.

Latest Articles


youth engageThe paper is a glimpse into the way young people themselves want to engage and be engaged, along with initial suggestions of what needs to be done to overcome the longstanding challenges preventing meaningful youth engagement.

Click here to read the Meaningful Youth Engagement Paper.


World Humanitarian Summit Special Session brought together global leaders of all ages to respond to the United Nations Secretary General’s call and endorse a historic Global Compact for Young People and Humanitarian Action to guide long-term commitment to 5 key actions

Click here to read the Global Compact for Young People and Humanitarian Action.


Young people at the International AIDS Conference 2016 came together as inspired and determined youth leaders who believe that young people must be fully involved in the entire HIV/AIDS response in a meaningful way.  As the conference is a crucial milestone in the HIV prevention movement, they developed the AIDS 2016 Youth Outcome Statement.

Click here to read the AIDS 2016 Youth Outcome Statement.

As we live in times when the role and impact of social media is constantly increasing, it is a privilege (yet fun) to be able to contribute to the process of spreading content about EECA Youth Voice and watch it snowball from small national communities to a truly globally shared youth campaign, where each voice really matters and participates in a long-term decision-making process.
Elene, PETRI Center Sofia
“Empower youth and watch the world change”
I believe that there’s no better way to tackle youth issues than giving youth power to decide themselves on where to move. I feel that the “Youth Voice” Campaign will bring lots of opinions to the floor.
Tatiana, Y-PEER Network
“Tell me and I’ll forget;
Show me and I may remember;
Involve me and I’ll understand”

This has been my motto for the last years, so now I am very glad that young people are involved in the planning and implementation of the “Youth Voice” Campaign, as members of the Regional Youth Leadership Group.

Ana, YouAct