"Youth Voice" Regional Campaign

Russian Federation

The importance of the English-Russian translations for the “Youth Voice” campaign

The English language has been recognized as an international mean of communication between people from different language backgrounds. It connects young activists around the world who are fighting for their sexual and reproductive and better future.

However, the process of learning English is very complicated and can be difficult for young people with obstacles. In the regional “Youth Voice” campaign, we believe in the diversity of voices, that is why we want to make our platform widely available for young people and overcome language barriers. 

Theater as a tool for supporting advocacy events

Can theater serve as a tool for advocacy?

Yes, it can. The history of applied theater has shown many cases where social activists for sexual and reproductive rights have used theater as a weapon for liberation and as a tool for raising awareness in the oppressed communities.

We see a lot of examples in feminist’s movements in the XX century, in performances like Vagina Monologues or Interior Scroll. These performances served the community to raise awareness to the issues of sexism and women’s rights, however, theater can also be used to raise awareness to such issues as: gender rights, gender identity, abortion, stigma and discrimination, HIV, and human rights.