By International Youth Day with the support of partner organizations young activists gathered about 5000 postcards with voices of youth from all regions of Kyrgyzstan addressed  President of KR, Prime-minister KR and Permanent Representative  UN in Kyrgyzstan.

In addition, to celebrate the Youth Day about 60 young people had the Peace March with slogan “Voices of youth Kyrgyzstan should be heard”, which started from Office of Ministry of Labour, Employment and Youth of Kyrgyz Republic and continued through parks till main square of Bishkek. There the flashmob in “cupsong” format took place accompanied by song about importance of youth in Kyrgyz Republic.

After the flashmob, the most active youth had the chance to speak to UN Resident Coordinator in the Kyrgyz Republic Mr. Avanessov, who was asked to support youth in inclusion of youth issues into the National document of achieving SDGs 2015-2030, to work in partnership and to have meeting with young activists on International Youth Day to give him postcards by youth adressed to UN.  Since that moment there were few more thematic meetings conducted with representatives of UN agencies, Ministry of Labor, Employment and Youth, where the importance of youth participation in Sustainable development was discussed.

UNICEF Resident Coordinator a.i.  Ms.Youkie Mokuo noted that “Young people are very important and UN in Kyrgyzstan will help to adapt SDGs on National Level. She promised to share with outcome of this meeting with Mr.Avanessov”.

Also, young people had prepared video with messages of youth from different oblasts of Kyrgyzstan addressed to UN. Here is link to the video (  )