In the frame of the Youth Voice Campaign in Armenia, it was held a 3-day workshop for young people. The event gathered 40 young people from Erevan and other regions. Young people took part in a range of discussions and consultations highlighting the topics regarding youth health, education, employment and human rights. Apart from that they addressed the solutions for some particular problems that they are facing. Young people’s vision on the issues is expressed in the youth declaration addressed to the Government. Moreover, the participants organized a selfie contest to distribute their messages among the followers and other young people.

The next step of the campaign is organizing the World Café event with representatives from Ministries and UN departments and presenting the Youth Declaration

  • International Youth Day in Armenia

The International Youth Day in Armenia was celebrated in the southern town of the country, Meghri, with the support of the UNFPA Armenia Country Office. Meghri is located in the Syunik Region, near the border with Iran. According to the last census in 2011, the population of the town is 4,580. Apart from that Meghri and its youth are quite isolated from other locations in the country, because of remoteness and road quality. Moreover, young people from Meghri do not have many options for getting together or socializing.

As the result the UNFPA Armenia decided to mark this year’s International Youth Day in Meghri, and in cooperation with Meghri Women’s Resource Center NGO, established a gathering space for young people. Youth had an opportunity to socialize, watch and discuss films together, get to know each other better and become actively involved in the life of the community.

The celebration event was again organized jointly with Meghri Women’s Resource Center. Around one hundred young people, as well as representatives of civil society and local government attended the event.

Dr. Nvard Khachatryan held an opening speech presenting young people’s problems, aspirations and their opportunities in the future. Dr. Khachatryan also made a presentation about the past, actual and future youth initiatives in Meghri.

Mr. Garik Hayrapetyan, UNFPA Armenia Assistant Representative, presented this year’s topic of the International Youth Day and UNFPA’s contribution to it. He has spoken about the importance of youth participation and fulfilment of their full potential in all aspects of personal and public life.

During the celebration event the young people played a fun game together, danced national dances and sang along well-known songs.

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