The World AIDS Day Campaign is one of the most successful campaigns of the Y-PEER network in Bulgaria. Each year there are a lot of different and interesting things happening all around the country.

This year, one of the most successful events was “All stars basketball game”. Organizing this has been a tradition in the last two years in the city of Vidin and now, the topic was “North against South”. Along with the game, we also did the annual flash-mob with lights in the form of the Red Ribbon.

In the Silven city, the most interesting thing was the concert in honor of the people living with HIV/AIDS. All the seats were taken and the concert hall was full of people standing only to hear some of their most favorite songs and see the wonderful art of dancing.

The campaign includes also a lot of outreach work, in many cities across the country. There were lots of trainings in schools and NGOs on the topics of HIV/AIDS, Sexually transmitted Infections and Contraception methods.

What has positively surprised all of us is that young people are more and more informed with the years passing. They want to take care of themselves and ask for information and guidance. There aren’t that afraid anymore to talk about these topics with their friends and family and to turn to the volunteers of Y-PEER Bulgaria.

Author: Preslava Ivanova

Focal Point in Charge of Y-PEER Bulgaria