May 22 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan held Interuniversity student conference “Youth in POST 2015 agenda: sustainable development goals” in the framework of the national advocacy campaign “Voices of Youth in Kyrgyzstan” under the slogan “My voice should be heard “, which dedicated to new sustainable development goals (2015-2030).

Conference was organized by PU “Youth peer education network Y-PEER» in partnership with Kyrgyz national university named after J.Balasagyn

Young people – a huge resource, which laid the socio-economic, artistic, scientific and cultural potential. This is the future generation who will stand at the helm of the state and is important to create a platform where young people will be able to offer new ideas and solutions. Targeted systematic participation of the state will be able to create a happy and successful generation.

The conference was held in the following areas:

  • Young People and Health
  • Young People and Education
  • Young People and Employment
  • Meaningful participation of young people in decision-making processes
  • Youth and Human Rights

The conference was attended by active students of local universities, with the involvement of youth-led organizations and vice- minister of Youth, Labour and Migration of Kyrgyzstan.

Each student made a presentation on various topics in the field of youth, which reflected the most important needs of young people to date.

Resolution of conference had not been adopted, due to the need to finalize it. According to it, participants decided to form working group for finalizing resolution of conference and further promotion it.

Also, all participants wrote their messages about youth issues in postcards addressed to key actors in our country.

The following messages were voiced by young people during the conference: “We do not want the Islamization of our country it is the state secular,” “Assess the needs of young people in the areas of joint decision-making and public decision-making that affects their lives, at all levels and all areas”.