This year for the first time young people’s five projects related to SRHR regarding ICPD were funded by UNFPA Turkey Country Office.

Under Reproductive Health Peer Education Project, Y-PEER Programme, a small funding programme was launched in 2014. Young groups and youth NGOs were eligible to apply with their projects on youth SRHR.

5 projects were selected and then 4 young people from each project team were invited to participate in a Project Development and Implementation Workshop between 17-21 September 2014. Teams were able to strengthen their projects. Right after the training they got back to locals to implement their project while it was closely monitored by Y-PEER with technical support from UNFPA Country Office.

Project themes are following;

  • Targeting roma community on their sexual & reproductive health issues with focus on child marriages,

  • Targeting high school students, in a city where child marriage is common, on sexual and reproductive health and child marriages.

  • Targeting LGBT youth on HIV/AIDS.

  • Targeting university students on sexual and reproductive health by cartoons.

  • Targeting high school students on sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS.

Project teams are half way through the end and made a great practice showing what can be done with a small amount of money.