The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

A SRHR CSO guide for national implementation

A young person’s guide to SRHR in the 2030 agenda

Advocacy guidance

European Youth Advocacy Handbook

Toolkit for Advocacy Strategy

Guide to Safe Abortion Advocacy

Advocacy toolkit for young leaders

Практическое пособие для разработки и реализации адвокативной стратегии

Advocating for comprehensive sexuality education

Young people as advocates

ICPD beyond 2014 and post-2015 agenda

Post-2015 Policy Briefs

Post-2015 Made Simple

Human Rights Integration

EECA Youth Statement

Global Youth Call

Regional CSO Recommendations

UNECE Regional Youth Call to Action

CPD47 Watchdog

ICPD Regional Review

Regional publications

Youth SRHR Fact-sheets

Adolescents’ SRHR

Youth SRHR Factsheet

Adolescent Pregnancy

Child Marriage

Adolescent and Youth

Youth in CIS: A Statistical Portrait

Investing in Young People in EECA

Youth Participation

Ранние браки

подростковой беременности

International publications

YCSRR 2014 Watchdog

Women Deliver Infobook

Invest In Girls And Women

Invest In Youth

Maternal Health



Family Planning

Women’s Health

State of World Population 2014 Report

Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Standards for Sexuality education in Europe

Sexuality education – What is it? – Policy brief No. 1

Sexuality education – What is its impact? – Policy brief No. 2

“Guidance for Implementation” for the Standards for Sexuality Education

Prevention Education in EECA

International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education

Humanitarian Settings

Women and Girls in Humanitarian Emergencies in EECA

State of World Population 2015 Report

Adolescent SRH Toolkit for Humanitarian Settings

EECA Youth Brochures

Investing in youth

Youth SRHR

Child marriage