I am a student and I am 16 years old.

A year and a half  ago, I became the volunteer of the  “Initiative Generation” Social Community. I have heard about this organization from my best friend. Telling the truth, I expected nothing extraordinary from this organization. But still I came to the decision of joining. “Maybe it will work” – I was thinking at that moment. And very soon this idea became reality.

This organization filled my life with a lot of positive emotions and new feelings. I have never before thought that helping people can give you so much excitement and satisfaction. I really liked my job especially helping people not for money, but for simple gratitude for the provided help.

Most of my friends are really surprised when I tell them that I am providing the organization with self-giving help in performing multiple charitable acts. The only thing I know that I am not doing it for money or for the purpose of becoming rich.

At the beginning, I had no idea about my role and mission in this organization. But now when I have already experienced all the charms and advantages of my job I will definitely never leave it. Every Friday we get together to take part in a workshop or training conducted by a psychologist. Now having a good meeting experience, I know how to act in different situations and moreover always find the way out of the dead ends. I also gained problem solving skills that i only used to dream of. This group gives me a huge amount of power and energy and I am really grateful to the founders of this organization whom I was honored to meet. The organization staff is well deserved and should be treated with respect.

I would like to express my gratitude for providing me with the opportunity of being the part of the volunteer team and making contributions to the development in community work.



Taia is a volunteer of the “Generatia cu Initiativa” NGO in Moldova. The volunteers coordinator says that she is a wonderful girl and one of the most generous person he has ever met in his life.