I am Rukhshona Jamoliddinova. Currently I am 23 years old, and I graduated Russian-Tajik (Slavonic) University, faculty of History and International Relations. Presently working as a volunteer-translator in the International Organization UNICEF. Also I am volunteer in many social youth organizations, such as Y-PEER in Tajikistan (It is the international youth educating network, which principle isPeer -to peer“, performed by, monitoring and an assessment of programs for prevention of HIV infection and to strengthening of health of youth) AIESEC in Tajikistan (it is a platform for young people who wants to develop and make a positive contribution to society, and also it is a platform which gives the chances to young people to participate in the international training programs, and also to get leadership experiences, it is directed various projects and activities of the organization). Foundation Neki (we work with disabled children, the educated trainers teach disabled children drawing, sewing, computer technologies. In every national holiday, foundation will organize actions with active support of international and local organizations), AKHP (Aga Khan Humanities Project) Debate Club (it is developed on the basis of development of a mental ability of youth and in particular will organize educational actions).

Based on debate clubs that’s we run I’ve gained one year experience and skills on how to debate. All debates take place in AKHP debate club, which is located in Dushanbe, where we carry sessions once a week, in English. The formats which we play on are: Karl Poper, American, School and Asian formats. I participated on local and international tournaments such as: “New Silk Roads – Connecting Asia with the Changing World” (Kazakhstan, Astana) “Free Market Cup – the Cup of the free market 2014″ (Tajikistan, Dushanbe), Youth of 21 century: debate and creation of media production (Kyrgyzstan, Cholpon-Ata) etc.

So, what is a debate?

It is the form dispute assuming existence of opposite opinions and reasonable arguments; it gives an opportunity to introduce yourself in a public and in front of audiences, with concise and concrete arguments to defend your position or your point; and also it is a great opportunity to get acquainted with a huge number of the most interesting and outstanding students from different regions and even different countries.

In my opinion debate is one of the most important and effective way of distribution and maintaining democratic values as the substantial argument, tolerance in relation to different views and an accurate statement of your position. Debating develops lot of skills such as: critical thinking, research, creativity, audialny, oratorical, leadership skills. First of all debate is, a way for those who hold opposing views to discuss controversial issues without descending to insult, emotional appeals or personal bias. In modern challenging world debating skills are constantly progressing. To get to a certain point in order to defeat your professional and personal prosperity, and to succeed, it is necessary to introduce your point of view competently and correctly.

Why it is necessary to be engaged in a debate?

On the first hand debate is important to gain abilities to speak in public, and it is the sign of success In 21st century. Life circumstances take particularly every personality at list once to speak in front of audience. Everyone will face a situation in his life, when he has to make a public speech. For instance in our daily routine we need to speak in front of crowd when we entire to our job place, entering in the university, when you make a politician speech, or, performance before big public, or with the business partner – in each case art of a public statement, or the rhetorician speech, will help you.

On the other hand, debating develops an outlook and improves knowledge and builds confidence. To make it more interesting and productive the resolutions will be formed, in the temporary hot issues within the state or out of it. It is necessary to be informed and well equipped in order to competate in debates.

The third reason, is that debate trains to structure your thoughts properly.

If the above mentioned reasons are not sufficient to start being engaged in debate, then it is a great occasion for gathering youths to cheerful and solid collective who spend time together on tournaments, in summer camp, and on the trainings.

Friends, a year ago I started debating, I received a lot of new and useful information, I experienced skills of rhetorics, and made a good friendship with local and foreign youths; and gave me chance to travel to a lots of countries and finally, it is a huge step on my career path and it is not the last one. I suggest you, also try this interesting activity!



“We make the voices louder and more available”
– How can we make voices to be heard louder?
– By volunteering/translating.
– Why?
– Because I feel the need of multiplication and a detailed statement of voices which demand more fair world. In my opinion, volunteering – is a contribution which everyone can bring in that sphere which is represented most matches to youth interests and abilities. So I’m using these opportunities and trying to connect study, share and make a contribution to create the best world … the world of which I dream.