I have joined a public organization about two years ago. At that moment, I was dealing with a lot of “teenager problems” like the search for the meaning of life, loneliness, self-determination, self-expression and moreover I was becoming anti-social and getting isolated from others. This group gave me everything that I needed and due to this group, I got another best friend. I was really excited and interested in meeting new people with the same background and mentality, to get familiar with their problems and try to help them. It turned out that working with them, I also helped myself a lot. With the help of this group, I have learned a lot of new things that I was dealing with that also developed me a lot.

I remember with a great pleasure a number of large-scale trainings that continued the whole day. I could not realize that it was possible to collect quite different personalities within couple hours so they could become the “twin souls”, have the best memories and obtain useful skills and knowledge during that event.

I would like to stress that the work of the psychologists was great and outstanding. All of them from my perspective are performing the required and planned tasks on the highest level. In addition, I would like to thank them for their great job! After the completion of the training I found myself inspired and in a good mood and had a burning desire to do such things that I had been afraid to do before. This is of course the merit of the psychologists.

Now I understand that “Generatia cu Initiativa” seriously affected my socialization. It gave me extremely valuable knowledge about different aspects of life that I have never known before like counteraction of drug addiction, protection of sexual transmissible infections, occupational choice, self-confidence etc.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I have never felt sorry for joining this organization and for the time spent in it. I am very grateful for the time spent there and resources that have been invested in me!





I am 20 years old. I born and live in Chisinau. I study in one of the best universities of Moldova – Technical University of Moldova. I am kind and sympathetic person. Also I am very punctual and always keep that promise. My hobbies are playing the guitar and dubbing videos.