Family’ is a beautiful word for which some people may not even know the meaning. God has created the family and the child; the parents to give the children joy and to bring them up with love. For me, family is the most important thing.

But sometimes families have to send their children into an institution, when it is clear that they cannot afford to keep them at home.

I would like to share with you a personal story: When I was six years old, my mother died. For me and my two sisters it was a very painful loss. We were shocked.

In the village where we had been living all this time, everything changed and it became very difficult to continue normal life. Our father tried hard to keep us all together, but even with all his love and power, he could not. Therefore, he made the difficult choice to bring us to the Social Care Institution in Shkodra city. We did not want to leave our father alone, but we were too young to make any decisions. For me, family is the most valuable thing, and I’ll never exchange it for anything else.

I really miss my father… for 13 years, I have not lived with him. I call him every week, but it is not the same as being with him and my grandmother all the time. It’s impossible to feel their hugs through the phone… But I especially suffer from my mother’s absence…The one and the only! In my memories she is an irreplaceable person and all the time I dream about her lovely face. I always keep her photo with me.

In difficult moments, I look at the sky and I feel protected, because I know that my angel is watching me. Then I can breathe and relax… this is family! My mother is not with me, but I can feel her presence…because a mother’s image is always beside you!

Now I have a big family, thanks to Suor Giannetta’s care.

I am temporarily living with my little sister in a ‘family-home’, but I keep in touch with my father and with my other sisters who I love so much. The family is a miracle and my biggest dream is to create my own family!

Prepared by: Bedrie Fishti

18 years old

Jordan Misja’ school, Shkoder