There is a trend of high unemployment rates for youth and disadvantaged minorities in Europe & Central Asia. Women tend to have lower access to labor markets and decent jobs. Youth with less education have more trouble finding a job, but even youth with high levels of education have trouble. We call on our leaders and our fellow youth to:

  • Improve the communication between educational institutions and employers;
  • Establish a systematic way of reviewing curricula at basic and higher education levels in relation to the current labor market;
  • Integrate courses about entrepreneurship in education systems;
  • Include relevant practicums and work experience in education programmes through voluntary work and recognize such programmes as part of work experience in the labor market;
  • Establish national and regional entrepreneurship networks to create more opportunities for youth to develop entrepreneurial skills by providing financial support and guidance.
Extract from the “Youth Statement on the Post-2015 Development Goals – Europe & Central Asia”

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