It is critical that we end all forms of discrimination against minority ethnic groups, young people with disabilities, and women and men, including early marriage. We need social change to eliminate gender inequality and discrimination. Political commitment and the allocation of resources at national and international levels are essential to implementing changes towards gender equality, women’s empowerment and the fight against gender discrimination. We call on our leaders and our fellow youth to:

  • Implement targeted awareness raising programs to promote tolerance and combat stigma and discrimination against marginalized groups of young people;
  • Include explicit references to girls and women’s right to go to school in national laws.
  • Promote gender equality and respectful social norms in education by improving the attitudes of teachers and giving special attention on the inclusion of adolescent girls and young women from marginalized groups;
  • Increase investment in young-women-led organizations and networks.
Extract from the “Youth Statement on the Post-2015 Development Goals – Europe & Central Asia”

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