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Youth Voice Campaign News Bulletin

We are delighted to share the Youth Voice Campaign News Bulletin with compiled updates from country teams from Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova and Turkmenistan as well as regional updates from youth advocates who were involved in various post-2015 development agenda related processes.  

“Youth Voice” Campaign updates from Kyrgyzstan

By International Youth Day with the support of partner organizations young activists gathered about 5000 postcards with voices of youth from all regions of Kyrgyzstan addressed  President of KR, Prime-minister KR and Permanent Representative  UN in Kyrgyzstan.

“Youth Voice” Campaign updates from Turkmenistan

During July 2015 in Turkmenistan an informational campaign promoting healthy lifestyle among adolescents and young people was held in the summer camps by 14 Y-PEER volunteers. In particular  volunteers taught the youth how to express and argue their opinions and shared goals and objectives of the “Youth Voice” Campaign, to continue the ideas of the campaign their regions and cities and ensure that the youth voices are taken not only as global agenda, but also included into national and local development plans. Result of this campaign in the summer camps: 3390 young people joined the Campaign.

“Youth Voice” Campaign updates from the Republic of Moldova

In the period of 28 July- 20 August were held 5 public discussions on the topics: Health, Education, Employment and volunteering, Non-discrimination and Environment. Young people had a great opportunity to work together with experts from different fields and to discuss top problems and solutions which were proposed by youth. Many young people came from different towns to express their opinions regarding youth problems. They have appreciated the interest of ministries’ representatives to support them in the future. Moreover, youth initiatives were described by the representatives of ministries and experts, as a necessary mobilization to make young people’s voices heard. Some young people’s opinions are listed below: 

“Youth Voice” Campaign updates from Georgia

To mark the International Youth Day more than 50 young people forming 8 different teams participated in the amateur version of the intellectual game “What? Where? When?”. They were the representatives of different NGOs and initiative groups, active in youth-related issues including healthcare, social protection, education, employment, development and civic engagement.At the end of the event, members of the winner teams were awarded gifts and certificates by UNFPA Georgia CO.

“Youth Voice” Campaign updates from Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Youth Voice Campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) incorporated one info stand and a few workshops with young people, as preparatory activities for the implementation of the Letter Campaign and round tables with school administrations. Moreover, in the framework of the Youth Voice campaign, BiH built the capacity of young volunteers on project management and resource mobilization, as well as strengthened its capacities as a national network.

“Youth Voice” Campaign updates from Azerbaijan

The second phase of Youth Voice Campaign in Azerbaijan has started with the Regional Campaign “Azerbaijani Youth in Action for Better Future” organized jointly by the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), the National Assembly of Youth Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan (NAYORA) and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

“Youth Voice” Campaign updates from Armenia

In the frame of the Youth Voice Campaign in Armenia, it was held a 3-day workshop for young people. The event gathered 40 young people from Erevan and other regions. Young people took part in a range of discussions and consultations highlighting the topics regarding youth health, education, employment and human rights. Apart from that they addressed the solutions for some particular problems that they are facing. Young people’s vision on the issues is expressed in the youth declaration addressed to the Government. Moreover, the participants organized a selfie contest to distribute their messages among the followers and other young people.

“Youth Voice” Campaign updates from Albania

In Albania, the activities of Youth Voice campaign are being carried out by a network of 11 formal youth organizations, and 2 youth groups/clubs, specialized and working in different areas, especially with vulnerable young people, supported by UNFPA Albania and coordinated by the Observatory for the Children’s Rights. The organizations are networking with each–other and implementing various activities at National level, in different regions throughout Albania for the period July – November 2015. 

Joint Youth Statement – 2030 Agenda

On 25-27 September, the world’s governments will adopt the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. During the past fifteen years, the Millennium Development Goals have strongly contributed to creating a better world. However, even though we have come very far in the process, we are not there yet. The 2030 Agenda offers an opportunity for a better future, in which we have a greater chance to tackle current and upcoming challenges.